YO!  What the fuck is up mutha fuckers?!?!  Wake up the fuck up Freaky Crew!  I wanted to write a simple post about my friend MimeFreak.  Times are changing and the sad news is we are parting ways.  Why?  Simply this… As you can see I’m cutting back and trimming down the Juliland Universe.  NOT […]

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Phase One

From day ONE when I started the Juliland Universe I knew what I wanted in my photos.  I knew what I needed in gear and tech.  From the first day I started with my Phase One back and Capture One software.  I have over 50 thousand photos in the Juliland Universe and everyone of them […]

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What’s Next?

Almost everyday I ask myself the same question… What’s next?  Also my friends ask me as well… What the fuck are you going to do?  Now that I’m cutting back the Juliland Universe what is the plan?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I know what I want and thats about it.  Getting there is a whole […]

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The Future

Nobody knows what the future holds, but I do know what I want my future to be.  I want a healthy and happy life.  The only way this is going to happen is if I make some changes to everything in my life.  As you know I started just that.  There is more change coming, […]

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The Present

Do you hear that?  Those are the winds of change and they are blowing harder than ever.  It started a few weeks ago, but there is more to come.  To be honest, its NOT easy or fun, but it has to be done for one big reason… My health.  I don’t talk about my personal […]

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The Past

I started the Juliland Universe 10 years ago.  I had a vision, an idea and thank god a best friend in Juli Ashton.  We started small with just Juliland.com and a lot of ideas.  Truth be told… I knew very little about websites and the adult business.  I didn’t know how much work or money […]

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Thank You!

Holy fuck we did it!  Fuck yea bro!  My first time producing and doing a Seed&Spark campaign is a fucking success.  I am so stoked and seriously thrilled.  Thanks to Chris Cuffaro for letting me help out and to Sean Mannion for putting up with me.  He taught me a lot and I learned so much about so much.  […]

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