10 Things I Love

These 10 things I love and can not live without.  These things I want and need.  These things I can not get enough of.  These things treat me right!  These things are so good it hurts.  These things rock my world.  Please give me these things now and always.

Massages – A two hour massage is […]

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BIG NEWS: StupidLifeCoach.com

JULILAND NEWS: The Juliland Universe is SO happy to announce the newest addition to our ever expanding Universe… StupidLifeCoach.com!  I know what you’re asking… What the fuck is a StupidLifeCoach.com and why do they have a new website?  Its simple… StupidLifeCoach.com is the 3rd in our Life Coach sites ( PornStarLifeCoach.com & HookerLifeCoach.com ) and […]

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10 Things I Like

What is the difference between like and love?  Is it emotional?  Is it real?  Like is a good thing and I like a lot.  I actually like TOO much.  What do you like?  Here’s 10 things I like in no particular order…

Hugs – Give me a good hug and I will be your best friend.
Ice […]

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10 Things I Hate

Hate is NOT a word I like to use.  I do like annoy, dislike and annoying.  No matter what word you use or how you want to say it… Here is 10 things that are fucking annoying.  In NO particular order of course.

Lazy People – people who talk about what they are going to do […]

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10 Favorite Drugs

I won’t lie.  I love drugs!  ALL kinds of drugs.  I like having a good time when possible and sometimes doing drugs help.  I choose different drugs for different kinds of fun.  I don’t hide this fact or play games, I’m straight up honest about my drug use.  Here’s my 10 favorites.  Lets get the […]

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To Be or Not to Be an Intern

As you know we have some great interns.  Right now we have only one working everyday, but Chad has been the best intern for over two years now.  NOT only does his listen, work hard and love the grrls… He is funnier than most!  I love his enthusiasm and his love of grrls… but when […]

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