My Wish List

What do you wish for?  What do you dream about?  What do I wish for?  SO much it hurts.  I wish for BIG things and little things.  I wish for you, my friends and  me.  Here’s 10 things I wish for…

Photo shoot with Emily Rotajkowski – My BIGGEST wish.
Juliland Universe will rule the world – […]

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Bobbi Starr

My fellow No-Cal Bobbi is not only a best friend, but unlike everyone else she use to be my next door neighbor.  She lived right next door to me for a year and it was nothing, but fun.  Gave a whole new meaning to the term “Grrl Next Door”.  Like all my best friends we […]

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Samantha Bentley

Bad Bentley is so NOT bad. Don’t believe it for a minute.  She is crazy fun and super sweet!  She is what I call an M&M… Hard shell on the outside, super sweet on the inside.  We met, we shot, we shot again and then she joined my Universe faster than anyone.  Samantha loves the […]

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Audrey Bitoni

Yo!  I’ve known Audrey for over 8 years now.  WOW!  She is not only a best friend, but a bestest friend.  I’ve had more fun with Audrey than anyone I know.  I have photographed Audrey more than anyone in my entire career.  I have more fotos of her than any grrl in the Juliland Universe.  […]

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Ash Hollywood

What can I say about Ash, that won’t get me into trouble.  The kind of trouble I like.  I wanted to create a simple list of 10 things I love about Ash.  Then I thought that 10 was not near enough.  So I decided just to write my feelings down and share them with the […]

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Experience is the New Sexy

Blah blah blah.  I talk a lot about what is sexy and what is not.  I have written about confidence, attitude, passion and smarts.  Of course these all matter, but today I want to talk about old, middle age and mature.  How ever you want to describe it is fine by me, but there is […]

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Grrls Please!

Please baby please!  I’m begging you, please!!!  I’m so tired of waiting.  We’ve had fun, but I want so much more.  Here’s a list of 10 grrls I need to play with sooner than later.  Grrls that make me sweat and think nasty thoughts!  Grrls that are extra special in every way possible.  Find me […]

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