Thank You!

Holy fuck we did it!  Fuck yea bro!  My first time producing and doing a Seed&Spark campaign is a fucking success.  I am so stoked and seriously thrilled.  Thanks to Chris Cuffaro for letting me help out and to Sean Mannion for putting up with me.  He taught me a lot and I learned so much about so much.  […]

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Fuck yeah baby!!  It’s the final day of our Seed&Spark.com campaign.  Just 15 hours to hit our goal.  Me and my grrls would appreciate it if you visited the SeedAndSpark.com campaign page and donated.  What the fuck are you guys waiting for?  How many times do I have to ask?  Hmmm? How annoying have I been?  (Don’t answer that, […]

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S&S Update_04

Yo!  We’ve got only 5 days to go!  What the fuck are you waiting for?  How many times do I have to ask?  Why is it taking you so long to JOIN us and donate to our SeedAndSpark.com?  What the fuck do you want from us?  This week is DOUBLE PRINTS week.  That’s right!  This […]


Wake the fuck up!  We have 8 days left in our Seed&Spark campaign.  We NEED your help now!  No more fucking excuses.  Its time to man up and do it NOW!  Go to our SeedAndSpark.com page NOW and donate!!!  Stop what ever you’re doing and just do it!  Right fucking now!

Our goal is a 150k and we […]

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S&S Update_03

Yo!  Its Thursday the 6th of August and we have 12 days to go!  We need you and everyone to step up big time.  Please JOIN us and contribute today.  Go to SeedAndSpark.com now and donate what you can.  After you donate, please tell your friends and lovers.  Tell your family and your pets.  Tell everyone you know and if […]

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Yo!  NOW things are gonna get serious.  We have 14 days to raise a butt load of money for this documentary.  Time to step up and make shit happen.  I need you help and I need it now.  Please JOIN us and contribute today.  Go to SeedAndSpark.com now and donate what you can.

We have AWESOME […]

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2015 Hall of Fame_Karlie Montana

Karlie baby how do I miss you!!!  One super special grrl for sure.  I only shot Karlie once and it was pretty awesome.  We started out clean and ended up a huge mess as always.  Such a sweet grrl in so many ways.  I always wanted more and maybe someday I will get more.  Woo […]

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