Grrls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lots of grrls write me emails and are interested in shooting with me.  You wanna be on and have some fun.  You send me really nice emails with lots of nice things to say about and my work.  I wanted to say thank you!!!  A few things to consider before you contact me….

Sending […]

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Annoying is NOT Sexy

Hey grrl!  Remember me?  If you follow me on twitter you know I have lots of advice.  I’ve been known to rant now and then just about everything.  I wanna give a little advice to some of you grrls.  Its simple… Annoying is not sexy.  What do I mean by this?

First, you don’t have to […]

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Shoot Tips #10

Its been a while since I wrote a Shoot Tip Post.  It was because I didn’t really have much to say.  Or at least anything very important until now.  I wanna be honest, real honest.  I’ve been struggling with shooting these days.  The last few months have been so difficult for me on so many […]

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2015 & Beyond

New Year means new goals, new dreams and new ideas.  We’re starting are 10th year and I’ve never been more excited about our future than now.  Seriously super excited.  If my dreams come true we will ALL win in 2015.  I’ve been spending months preparing and planning.  Now is the time to stop planning and […]

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Happy Holidays!

JULILAND NEWS: Tis the season to celebrate with friends and family.  Tis the season to be grateful and thankful.  Tis the season of annoying drivers, mean shoppers and stupid people!  UGH!  The only part I like about this time of year is my two week vacation!  I shut everything down and get my rest.  This […]

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25 Grrls I Want to Shoot AGAIN!

After working on last weeks list of 10 Grrls I Want to Shoot… I thought about all the grrls that I have shot and who I would love to shoot again.  Picking 10 is just about impossible, so I made it 25.  In NO particular order of course.  I would just love to have more […]

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