BIG NEWS: Time to Say Good-Bye

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Yo!  Got some big news for you.  Maybe the biggest news of all.  Well at least in the Juliland Universe this is super big news.  I’m sad to let you all know that this is the end of the Juliland Universe.  Last year I shut down the pay sites and this year I’m shutting down [...]

A Big Reminder

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Just reminding our friends, fans and most of all current members, this is the FINAL month of MEMBERS site being updated with content.  We warned you a month ago and its sad to say this is the end... but it is.  The members site will stay up until the spring so can still JOIN & enjoy [...]

BIG NEWS: This is the End!

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This is the biggest news ever.  This is hard to say and harder to handle, but after 10 years I am shutting down’s pay site.  Yes its true.  The end is here and I’m OK with it.  Its what you call bitter sweet.  Its not the end of the Juliland Universe, just the end [...]