ra_excusesI’ve been photographing grrls for so long that I’ve heard every excuse there is when canceling a shoot.  If you are porn star/model here’s a few you can use or work with next time you cancel on me or some other photographer.  My advice is to be honest, but some grrls have trouble with that.

  1. “I don’t feel good” – this usually means she is hungover from a crazy night before.
  2. “My boyfriend needs me.” – usually means she has some loser boyfriend who is needy and jealous.
  3. “I’m joining the Army” – yes, I heard that one.  It scared me to think she was going to protect our great country.  Thank god she changed her mind.
  4. “I have a yeast infection.” – this could be true, but its the biggest reason why you need to keep you grrly parts clean and be smart with who you fuck!
  5. “I feel heavy and blotted” – it means that she is lazy and is not taking care of herself.
  6. “Its that time of the month” – could be true, but most of the time its not.
  7. “My agent didn’t tell me about the shoot.” – This one could be true depending on the agent involved.  BUT a grrl should always know here schedule.
  8. “My shoot from yesterday hasn’t ended.” – this is true 95% of the time.  Porn shoots seem to go very long for NO reason.
  9. “I forgot” – my favorite of all.
  10. “I’m too fucked up from last night.” – this usually means too much booze, drugs and sex.  I’ve used this one myself too many times.

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