ra_restI have lived in Los Angeles for over twenty-five years now, so I’ve probably done and seen it all.  Some people think LA isn’t a place for foodies, or they claim that NYC is much cooler and hip.  But I love my city!  And I love its restaurants too!  Here are my 10 favorite restaurants in LA…

  1. Lucy’s El Adobe: Simple Mexican food done right.  It’s been in LA forever!
  2. The Ivy: Consistently good food and nice patio, despite being overrated.
  3. La Scala Presto: My favorite Italian food located in Brentwood.  Get the raviolis!
  4. Kate Mantilini:  Their bread is to die for, and according to Scarlett, so are the male waiters.  I just like their meatloaf.
  5. Cafe Sushi: Tasty sushi that’s not overpriced.
  6. Chin Chin: Sure, it’s a chain.  But it’s always delicious!
  7. Umami Burger: Hands down, BEST burger in town.
  8. Mandarette Café: Their orange chicken makes me weep.
  9. Chipotle: After they opened up 3 blocks from my house, I’m addicted.
  10. Boarder Grill: Creative and yummy.  What more could you ask for?

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