ra_likeWhat is the difference between like and love?  Is it emotional?  Is it real?  Like is a good thing and I like a lot.  I actually like TOO much.  What do you like?  Here’s 10 things I like in no particular order…

  1. Hugs – Give me a good hug and I will be your best friend.
  2. Ice Cream – Can’t stop, won’t stop.
  3. Summer – love me the sand, sun and surf.
  4. Drugs – Not all drugs, only the good ones.  ;-)
  5. Booze – Give me a good hard drink always!
  6. Porn Stars – Hot, sexy, nasty porn stars rock my world!
  7. Nice People – people with manners, thank you.
  8. Mexican Food – Cheese Enchiladas are yummy!
  9. Hotel Rooms – I don’t care what hotel and what room… They all make me happy!
  10. Snow Cones – Grape flavor please!