ra_2015New Year means new goals, new dreams and new ideas.  We’re starting are 10th year and I’ve never been more excited about our future than now.  Seriously super excited.  If my dreams come true we will ALL win in 2015.  I’ve been spending months preparing and planning.  Now is the time to stop planning and start doing.

I felt 2014 was a very strange year in the Juliland Universe.  We added and subtracted all at the same time.  For me personally losing sucks.  I hate losing anything or anyone.  Not my style.  I like winning!

My goals this year are bigger than ever.  I want to add a few more grrls, add some more pay sites, create more podcast shows and get serious about JulilandTV.  I’ve got to make some serious shit happen yo!  Stay tuned, keep watching and hold on tight.  Shit is about to get real.  Woo hoo!