What can I say about our latest addition to the Juliland Universe? How about I start of by saying that Ash is a very sweet grrl with a lot of sass and attitude.  We met back in February and have gotten closer ever since, and needless to say, I love working with her.  She always brings her best and we always have fun!  I think every shoot we do just gets better than the last (that’s a very big deal for me).

While most grrls do not understand my vision, and me, Ash does.  She has an enormous heart and is smart enough to make me smile.  For instance, she knows that chocolate milk (my weakness), a Jamba Juice delivery, a fun lunch, or a big hug goes a long way with me – she just gets it.

Our last shoot was a little too much fun, and you’ll see why at Juliland.com.  It’s really no surprise that she’s our September jGrrl for 2011 AND is about to get her own site, AshGirl.com!  I promise in the months to come you will see more of Ash and more of us having fun!

Now, I can’t talk about Ash without talking about Evol Grrl, Aiden Ashley, because she is the one who introduced us after AEE last January.  Aiden knows what I like and told me I would love her, and of course, she was! Thanks Evol Grrl…who’s next?