ra_clipperLiving in LA is NOT easy for someone from NO-Cal.  I was brought up to hate all sports teams from SO-Cal.  We always said… The 11th commandment was “thou shall hate SO-Cal”.  I hated the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, UCLA, USC and even the LA Strings for all you tennis buffs.  Just hate them, cheer against them and hope they never win anything.  It was fun and easy.

I moved here many years ago and because of this upbringing it made it difficult for me to cheer for any local team.  I had to figure something out and it was simple… Cheer for the underdog!!!  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the underdog.  So I became a Clippers fan!!!  NOT easy when all your friends loved the Lakers!  It looks like my patience is finally paying off.  They’re in the playoffs after their best season ever!

I have been watching basketball for a long, long time.  I have never seen a team so deep going into the playoffs.  Seriously, their second string guys could start on most teams.  Their leader CP3 is the best point guard in the league by far.  I love his passion, smarts and his fearlessness.  Then there’s Blake Griffen… A BIG stud and as far as I’m concerned the 3rd best player in the NBA only behind LeBron & Kevin.  Back that up with my two favorites Deandre Jordan & Jamal Crawford and they are just amazing!  I’m a huge fan of every player on this team… JJ, Willie, Reggie, Darren, Jared, Hedo, Ryan, Matt and late editions Danny & Glen!  Just an awesome team lead by the best coach in the biz Doc Rivers!

I have NO idea how this will play out.  I think they have a serious chance to win it ALL and have that parade downtown LA.  The funny thing is I can NOT watch the games.  It stresses me out so I only check in once in a while.  I trust they’ll do this without me, but if they need me… I will be there.  GO CLIPPERS GO!!!

PS. Donald Sterling needs to sell the team to Magic Johnson and GO AWAY.  A fucking ASSHOLE if there ever was one, but he’s always been an asshole.  No matter how rich or famous you might be, you can still be a fucking idiot!

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