ra_hal3After driving my dear friend Audrey to San Diego and back, I think I can officially add “chauffer” to my already lengthy resume.  Forget photography, directing, and the grrls – I’m becoming a full time driver!  The main purpose for our trip was Audrey’s feature gig at Pacers Showgirls International.  Locked in the car for hours, the two of us experienced adventure after adventure on the open road.  But once we arrived, Audrey and I walked the streets of San Diego discussing her website, Los Angeles, and the Juliland Universe.  I don’t think we stopped laughing until we got back home and parted ways.

Friday night’s Pacers performance was also a fucking blast!  The club and the guys who work there were both outstanding and professional.  Hal, the general manager, treated Audrey and I like royalty.  And when it came time for her show, the staff insured all would go over smoothly.  With the club packed full of Audrey fans, I could barely hear myself think.  So, I peeked out (despite her wishes of keeping me backstage) and saw my grrl tearing it up, working the crowd like a pro! I couldn’t have been more proud or impressed.

After all was said and done (and danced), I could easily see why Audrey enjoys performing at Pacers more than any other venue.  They understand that a dancer’s routine will flourish if she’s treated with respect before, during, and after her show.  It’s pretty simple: be nice and the rest will follow.

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