ra_lifeA few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Juliland Rules.  I received a few emails about these rules, some of which were both funny and inspiring.  There was one grrl, however, who told me I need to relax and break all these stupid rules.  I guess you can’t win them all.

I had a talk with a friend about the Juliland Rules and how they are so similar to the rules of life.  Of course, everyone has their own rules for work and life.  And of course, rules are made to be broken.  But if you do decide to break your rules, you better have a fucking good reason for it.  Also, you best back that shit up with a better rule.  I’m all for having fun as you know, but I believe in having some structure.

In reviewing the Juliland Rules, I see that #10 is my favorite rule because it applies to everything and everyone.  My advice to anyone who listens is to please be nice.  NO MATTER how anyone and everyone else behaves, it does NOT cost a dime to be nice.  And don’t forget your manners.  Thank you!

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