ra_tip09I wanna talk about light with this shoot tip.  Without light there are no photos.  Lighting is key!  Let there be light!  If you look at my work you will notice that 80% of my photos are done with one light.  I have no favorite kind of light.  I pretty much use what works best for the set up.  I use ring light, strobes, HMI, tungsten and natural light.  I use what ever I can get my hands on, but no matter what I keep it simple.

My tip… Don’t get too caught up on technical shit.  Get the light that you like and use it as much as you can until you understand what it brings to your work.  Try everything and if you can do a test shoot for each light source… do it.  Practice makes improvement.  The way I think about light is its either hard for soft, so try out some light modifiers.  Soft boxes, grid spots, bare head, fresnel lens and don’t forget a simple reflector.  Stay away from umbrellas please, its not 1978 for fuck sake.

Lets recap… Simple light is good light, practice makes improvement and its NOT 1978.  Last… you don’t need to spend a butt load of money on lighting gear.  Save your money yo!