I was lucky enough to spend another night with my best friend Audrey Bitoni creating art and having fun!  The results will be seen very shortly, but in the meantime, I want to say thanks to my grrl.  What makes her special (all you other grrls should take notes) is that she always brings her best to me, works hard, buys new outfits, does outrageous make-up and most of all, she comes to play! Of course, there are a handful of other grrls who also do this in their own style – you grrls know who you are because we play all the time and I keep begging for more.

But this time around, my experience with Audrey was beyond epic and amazing. As always, I came prepared for best, but Audrey always brings me more and exceeds my expectations. When we went into this shoot, we had a couple ideas in mind, but I never would have predicted that the two of us would have played for 12 hours straight! Another reason why I love her – she’s always trying to break records and have fun while doing so. I’m the type that does not settle for average. I demand greatness in everything I do and I mean everything!  Audrey inspires me to do that at every shoot we have had and will have in the future. Thanks my love!  Lets do it again and again.  Yup Yup!