20 Amazing Juliland Moments!

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Now that Juliland.com pay site is ending I wanted to take the time to reflect on the last 10 years!  SO much has happened in the last 10 years... Meeting & working with some of the hottest, sexiest and nastiest grrls on Earth!!  I’ve had more fun than you and the photos to prove it.  [...]

25 Grrls I Want to Shoot AGAIN!

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After working on last weeks list of 10 Grrls I Want to Shoot... I thought about all the grrls that I have shot and who I would love to shoot again.  Picking 10 is just about impossible, so I made it 25.  In NO particular order of course.  I would just love to have more [...]

Audrey Bitoni in ‘MILKY’

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The Juliland Universe presents "From The Vault" an exlcusive peer into the world of Richard Avery and the women he works with. These series of trailers will show just what happens on set while the camera is shooting and the madness begins. A look into the past, FTV will tickle your fancies and make you fall in love with our grrls just as much, if not more, than we have already.

2014 Hall of Fame – Audrey Bitoni

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WOW! I met Audrey in February 2007 and at the time I told my make-up artist,“Wow, this grrl’s beautiful!” Little did I know that seven years later she would be one of my best friends ever. Back then Audrey was an unexperienced up & coming porn star and, it’s been fun to watch her grow [...]

Best Trouble – Audrey Bitoni

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For the third year in a row Audrey wins this award cuz there is no one that makes her kind of trouble. The BEST kind of trouble! This award will always be hers as long as I’m alive. She takes a lot or pride in being MY best trouble and does everything she can to [...]

Back Together Again For The First Time

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Yo!  Its been a while, but it was well worth the wait.  Audrey and I finally got to play (shoot).  We have not shot in quite a while cuz we both have been SO busy with SO much.  Seriously could NOT get it together for months now.  That’s the bad news.  The good news.. WE [...]

Hal Did I Like It?

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After driving my dear friend Audrey to San Diego and back, I think I can officially add “chauffer” to my already lengthy resume.  Forget photography, directing, and the grrls – I’m becoming a full time driver!  The main purpose for our trip was Audrey’s feature gig at Pacers Showgirls International.  Locked in the car for [...]

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