Back Together Again For The First Time

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Yo!  Its been a while, but it was well worth the wait.  Audrey and I finally got to play (shoot).  We have not shot in quite a while cuz we both have been SO busy with SO much.  Seriously could NOT get it together for months now.  That’s the bad news.  The good news.. WE [...]

Hal Did I Like It?

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After driving my dear friend Audrey to San Diego and back, I think I can officially add “chauffer” to my already lengthy resume.  Forget photography, directing, and the grrls – I’m becoming a full time driver!  The main purpose for our trip was Audrey’s feature gig at Pacers Showgirls International.  Locked in the car for [...]

2013 Best Trouble – Audrey Bitoni

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Best Trouble - Audrey Bitoni • This year’s winner is last year’s winner, and I can promise you that she’ll absolutely be next year’s winner as well.  Audrey is seriously one of a kind and my BFF.  That’s why this award will always be hers.

June 2013 jGrrl Audrey Bitoni

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JULILAND NEWS: Born and bred in sunny California, Audrey Bitoni is one of the very few Los Angeles natives in our Universe!  For that reason alone, she’s quite special.  Richard Avery, however, boasts that there is much more to Audrey than her background.  He explains, “People think they know Audrey, but all they’re really seeing is [...]

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