Shoot Tip #8

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Still working that camera?  Having fun shooting and creating?  WTF!  Why have you not shared it with me?  I would love to see what you are up to and doing.  Send me samples!  Send me questions! For today’s tip, let’s talk about the most important thing to any successful shoot – the vision, the plan, [...]

One Camera to Rule Them All

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Every time I turn around to an assistant, a photographer, or a wanna-be photographer, I see that they just bought a Canon 7D.  Seriously, will it stop already?  I get that it’s an affordable camera and the quality’s not bad, but for fuck sake, there are plenty of really good options out there!  I miss [...]

Gear vs Gear

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I have been shooting for a long time now and have noticed a lot of wanna-be photographers getting caught up the amount of gear they feel they need to purchase. New cameras, lenses, lighting, computers, the list goes on! But here’s a bit of advice from someone who’s owned every kind of camera and system [...]

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