My Favorite Qualities In Grrls

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I know this could and will get me into trouble, but I do NOT care.  I love women as you ALL know.  I love everything about them.  They taste good, feel good and when things go right, do good.  Here’s some basic qualities that I look for in a woman, friend, grrl friend, lover, muse, [...]

My Favorite Hotels To Shoot In

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I love shooting in hotels and I’m pretty sure it’s no secret.  It’s fun, easy and always an adventure.  I’ve shot in so many it’s hard to remember for so many reasons.  I thought I would give you a list of some of my favorites and why.  Did I say room service? The Moana Surfrider [...]

My Favorite Cities

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Ok, where am I?  Where do I wanna go?  Where have I been?  I wanna see it all, but so far, I’ve seen these places and I loved them ALL.  I can never travel enough!  Getting there sucks, but being there is great.  Especially when you share it with someone you love or at least [...]

My Favorite Directors

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OK, so now lets talk about movies and directors!  I love the movies and these directors have shown me more than I ever dreamed of.  They inspire and just make me smile.  So many to choose from, but here’s my top 10... Danny Boyle – “Transpotting”... The best ever! Christopher Nolan - the man has [...]

My Favorite Photographers

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I’m often asked who are my favorite photographers. Usually, I say me first and everyone else is a distant second.  But to be fair, I thought I would give you my serious favorite greats of ALL time.  In no particular order or course, here they are.  And as always, let me know what you think! [...]

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