2014 Hall of Fame – Claire Adams

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Claire Adams is one of my all time fav jGrrls. I met her and instantly fell for her special talents. She taught me a lot about BDSM. At the time I thought I knew a lot, but learned quickly I knew very little. Her smarts are what really turned me on and made shooting her [...]

2014 Hall of Fame – Ruby Luster

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I simply love Ruby Luster! From our first shoot to our last, she was always energetic & sassy. She’s ALL woman and then some. She’s one of those grrls that looks great in anything she wears, but I just love her wearing corsets. She has the sexiest waist when cinched. She loves her lingerie and [...]

2014 Hall of Fame – Darenzia

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What can I say about Darenzia that won’t come off sounding too creepy or cheesy. She was the first jGrrl for 2007 and to this day we’re still good friends. She was amazing to shoot, had the right sassy attitude, beautiful as ever and so damn fucking sexy! Whenever we got together to shoot she [...]

2014 Juliland Awards

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JULILAND NEWS: The month of July means one very big thing for our Universe: the 3rd Annual Juliland Awards!  Last year, our winners were well deserved and needless to say, unstoppable forces of nature.  This year, they’re bigger and better than ever.  Allow your curiosity to kill you and take a look at whom the Juliland [...]

2013 Hall of Fame – Jada Fire

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Jada Fire - jGrrl 12/06 • Two fucking words: Jada Fire!!!  How can is say this without sounding too crazy?  Jada, you made me think dirty thoughts every time we got together to shoot.  I love what we did, but I'll always know that we could have done so much more.  Let’s finish what we started!  Miss [...]

2013 Hall of Fame – Eva Angelina

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Eva Angelina - jGrrl 09/06 • Eva, Eva, Eva!!!  I don’t know what to say other than thank you!  Before I met Eva, I had the biggest crush on her.  She was one of those grrls I did NOT want to meet or shoot because I knew there was no way she could match my expectations.  But [...]

2013 Hall of Fame – Zoe Britton

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Zoe Britton - jGrrl 08/06 • ZOE!!!  It was love at first site with Zoe.  She made me tingle all over every time we shot.  She was another grrl who got my vision, sense of humor and passion from the beginning.  Every time we shot I knew it was going to be easy and great!  The grrl [...]

2013 Hall of Fame – Gia Jordan

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Gia Jordan - jGrrl 03/06 • I met Gia through a mutual friend when I was just starting Juliland.com.  She was in the “biz” making trouble as a sassy, nasty, creative, beautiful, smart and fun grrl.  As a matter of fact, she kinda still is.  The one thing that I remember most about the beautiful Gia is [...]

2013 Hall of Fame – Nautica Thorn

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Nautica Thorn - jGrrl 01/06 • Our first induction to our Hall is our FIRST jGrrl ever!  Yes, that’s right, Nautica was the first ever jGrrl for Juliland.com.  She has been a friend and supporter for a very long time.  Some of my early shoots with Nautica still hold up to this day!!   [...]