Happy Holidays 2016

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Ho Ho Ho!  Another year has gone by and the holidays are here!  Time for some Egg Nog, Christmas music and lots of holiday cheer.  As always I’m going to close down the Juliland offices and take 2 weeks off.  BUT first I want to let you know that I’m beyond grateful for 2015.  It [...]

Happy Holidays!

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JULILAND NEWS: Tis the season to celebrate with friends and family.  Tis the season to be grateful and thankful.  Tis the season of annoying drivers, mean shoppers and stupid people!  UGH!  The only part I like about this time of year is my two week vacation!  I shut everything down and get my rest.  This [...]

Happy Holidays!

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JULILAND NEWS: It’s that time of year again full of eggnog, parties, holiday cheer and ugly Christmas sweaters!  It’s also a much-deserved time off for the Juliland team and also, the temporary closing of our Lair from December 20th to January 6th.  To celebrate the past year, our Universe takes a break and attends our annual [...]

Happy Holidays

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Tis the season!  Ugh!  More traffic, more noise, more stress, holiday music, holiday parties, and holiday wishes.  It all leads to stress and more stress.  Now I’m not a complete Scrooge, but I just believe these holidays are for the kids and adults should simply enjoy it for them. However, I do like the food [...]

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