A Big Reminder

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Just reminding our friends, fans and most of all current members, this is the FINAL month of Juliland.com MEMBERS site being updated with content.  We warned you a month ago and its sad to say this is the end... but it is.  The members site will stay up until the spring so can still JOIN & enjoy [...]

BIG NEWS: This is the End!

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This is the biggest news ever.  This is hard to say and harder to handle, but after 10 years I am shutting down Juliland.com’s pay site.  Yes its true.  The end is here and I’m OK with it.  Its what you call bitter sweet.  Its not the end of the Juliland Universe, just the end [...]

BIG NEWS: Time to Say Good-Bye

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“All Good Things Come to an End” - Nelly Furtado I’m sad to say that it’s time to shut down BobbiStarr.com from the Juliland Universe.  Yes, it’s over.  Bobbi and I have talked about this a lot for the last year.  We have not updated the site or blog in over a year and have [...]

BIG NEWS: SerenaBlair.com

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JULILAND NEWS: Its that time of the month!  Woo hoo!  Things are getting crazy here in the Juliland Universe!!!  SO happy to announce the addition of sexy Serena Blair and her personal site SerenaBlair.com!!  She is a big time friend of the Universe and a BIG favorite of mine.  I love the fact that Serena [...]

BIG NEWS: RemyMeow.com

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JULILAND NEWS: What is cute, sassy, sexy, smart, tasty and makes you beg for more?  NOT a Cronut stupid!  That would be the delicious Remy LaCroix and I’m so thrilled to announce that she has JOINED the Juliland Universe with her new site RemyMeow.com!  Remy has been in “the biz” for a while and has [...]

BIG NEWS: TheSophiaJade.com

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JULILAND NEWS: YO!  With a new year comes more fun in the Juliland Universe!  I’m so happy to announce the latest addition to the Universe... The super sassy Sophia Jade!  One of the top G/G performers for a while now and a big time friend to Juliland, its awesome to have her in the family!  [...]

Announcing BlogopornoLive.com

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JULILAND NEWS: I'm pleased to announce a whole new way to experience Blogoporno: BlogopornoLive! Just a webcam attached to a helmet pointing at my face all day while I watch porn ... what? What's that Dick Avery? This isn't about me? Oh for fuck's sake. What's it about then? Cam Grrls? Well, that sounds much better than me [...]

Everything is News

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I’m gonna vent again.  I think you should be use to it by now.  EVERYTHING is news these days.  Its gotten STUPID and fucking lame.  No matter what site you look at... CNN, HuffPost, Daily Beast, USA Today or others.  Every stupid thought or idea becomes news.  When some lame celebrity tweets some random lame [...]

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