BIG NEWS: Greatest Hits

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BIG NEWS:  We are very excited to announce that our fearless leader, Richard Avery, has joined in on a very cool project.  He is Producing his first Documentary.  Lets just say he’s helping out where ever he can!  This is a BIG deal for Richard, because he gets to take his talents outside his crazy erotic [...]

Fotoboy_e08 • Mo Reese

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Its Fotoboy yo! With all this podcasting at Juliland Radio I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and have my own show. NOW lets be serious for a minute... I’m so NOT as good as Mo or as talented as Ash or as smart Sovereign or as funky as MimeFreak, but I tried! I’m so much better as the annoying sidekick. I wanted to have some fun myself and talk about my love of photography with friends. NOT all photography, but all things related to photography. Enjoy and be nice! MY GUEST... Mo Reese

Shoot Tips #11

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Its that time again!  A little wisdom, a little advice and some bullshit thoughts about my first love photography!  Do you love your camera?  Do you love being a photographer?  Do you love photography?  Do you ever ask yourself why?  My tip today is simple... I love photography and why that’s important when I shoot.  [...]

Post Production

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You’ve finished your shoot and have a ton of sexy photographs of your favorite grrl.  Now what?  What’s the next step? First, BACK-UP!  I don’t do anything until ALL my raw files are backed up on at least 2 drives.  I make sure that everything is secure before I move forward, and once that’s done, [...]

Gear vs Gear

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I have been shooting for a long time now and have noticed a lot of wanna-be photographers getting caught up the amount of gear they feel they need to purchase. New cameras, lenses, lighting, computers, the list goes on! But here’s a bit of advice from someone who’s owned every kind of camera and system [...]

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