Weekend at Bobbi’s

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What a weekend!  And I’m not talking about the kind I usually have – I’m talking a Bobbi Starr kind of weekend.  My grrl was in town to direct another one of her AWESOME Evil Angel movies and I got to help, watch and just have fun.  Watching her direct is like watching perfection.  I [...]

No-Cal with a Starr

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No-Cal baby!  What a weekend!!!  I went to San Francisco a couple weekends ago to help my friend, Bobbi Starr, make another one of her Evil Angel movies.  I was able to hang with Bobbi and some new grrls such as Amy Brooke and Alysa.  I also got to see and old Juliland friend Ariel [...]

Me Love You Long Time Miko Lee!

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Hello Miko!  I wanted to drop some knowledge on you all about one of my favorite grrls in the Juliland Universe.  Her name is Miko Lee and she is a legend in the adult business for almost 10 years now.  She has probably done more, seen more, and created more than most grrls I’ve worked [...]

Music & Sex

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Who doesn’t love music?  I love everything good.  I love all that moves me and makes me smile.  Now, what does that have to do with sex?  Lots in my book.  It creates a feeling and can heighten the mood if you’re playing the right music.  Some grrls just get turned on by the sound [...]

Scarlett’s Getting “Closer”

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Dressed in a sequined bodice, matching thong, and a glossy pink wig, Natalie Portman leans into Clive Owen and tells him a something real: “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off…but, it’s better if you do.”  It was in 2004’s Closer that this interaction between Natalie and Clive (aka Alice [...]

Grrls Rule!

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   OK, this is for you grrls out there that ask me how to become a jGrrl or how to become a part of the Juliland Universe. Well, it’s simple and easy. We have rules, and here they are… Be nice: always be nice to Juliland.com and we will be nice to you. Experience: not [...]

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