FTV_Nicki Hunter 006

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The Juliland Universe presents “From The Vault,” an exclusive look into the world of Richard Avery and the women he works with. These sample foto sets show you where it all began and how much fun it's always been. A look into the past, FTV will tickle your fancies and make you fall in love [...]

Experience is the New Sexy

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Blah blah blah.  I talk a lot about what is sexy and what is not.  I have written about confidence, attitude, passion and smarts.  Of course these all matter, but today I want to talk about old, middle age and mature.  How ever you want to describe it is fine by me, but there is [...]

Grrls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Lots of grrls write me emails and are interested in shooting with me.  You wanna be on Juliland.com and have some fun.  You send me really nice emails with lots of nice things to say about Juliland.com and my work.  I wanted to say thank you!!!  A few things to consider before you contact me.... [...]

Annoying is NOT Sexy

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Hey grrl!  Remember me?  If you follow me on twitter you know I have lots of advice.  I’ve been known to rant now and then just about everything.  I wanna give a little advice to some of you grrls.  Its simple... Annoying is not sexy.  What do I mean by this? First, you don’t have [...]


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What is so bad about Samantha?  Well, where do I begin?  Firstly, she is so fucking funny.  This grrl makes me laugh anytime she has anything to say.  Secondly, she is beyond sexy and loves the camera!  She’s nasty, crazy and did I say English?  Just listen to that sexy accent and you will immediately [...]

What Is Sexy To You?

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While I get asked all the time what I think is ‘sexy,’ I probably ask every grrl I know this same question two times over.  So, now I’m asking you: What is sexy to you?  I would really love to hear your thoughts.  But as a starting point, here’s what I think is sexy… CONFIDENCE [...]

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