A Few of my Favorite Things

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Here are a few things I love and live for, otherwise known as the things that keep me going.  I can never get enough... Chocolate Milk - The ambrosia of the Gods! My Friends - too many to count, I love them ALL. Creating Art - I live to create and love every bit of [...]

Words With Friends

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Hello, how are you?  What’s new?  Hope you are well, have a nice day.  These are some of the many nice things that friends say and ask one another.  While I believe that actions are louder than words, I also think that there are certain phrases that can get the job done.  In this rant, [...]

Games People Play

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I want to vent about the games that I notice people like to play.  I want to discuss how they cause problems and drama.  NO one likes drama, especially me.  This is one of my biggest issues with grrls and people in general.  I understand everyone has an opinion about life, love, and work, and [...]

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