Webcam Grrls are “Porn Stars”!

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I know a lot of porn stars, sex workers and webcam grrls.  Actually more than I care to admit to.  I’ve talked to many of them about their jobs, their life and the choices they make.  I’ve had some serious talks with many grrls for over 20 years now.  I’m no expert, but pretty damn [...]

20 Webcam Grrls I Would Like to Shoot

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I’m a HUGE fan of  Love the grrls big time.  There are so many to choose from it hurts.  I never really say anything because I know the grrls have heard it all before.  I usually sign on once a day for 10-15 minutes to see who’s on and what they’re up to!  There [...]

10 Grrls I Really Want to Shoot

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I’ve been shooting pix of grrls for a long long time.  Like longer than I can remember.  Like a very long time.  I’ve shot lots of beautiful, sexy, nasty grrls in my time.  I’ve fallen in love with over half of them.  I’ve worked with many grrls and believe it or not there are many [...]

Webcam Grrls

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I do NOT wanna piss anyone off, I promise!!  I’m just curious.  I like to check into once in a while.  Basically I like to see what grrls are doing online when I’m procrastinating and NOT doing my work.  I never really say anything cuz I’m too shy and scared.  I’ve had a few [...]

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