My crew often tells me I’m lucky because I have the good old days to smile about.  They say that these days, everything is work and no fun.  Sometimes I agree with them and I feel their pain.  Everything does seem to be work.  But, where’s the money to compinsate for all this work?  Where’s the fun?

My good old days are not so long ago.  I used to get paid big bucks for big shoots, travel the world shooting and creating, and had real budgets for real shoots.  And, I used to have a crew that could not be beat.  But these days, it’s more personal than ever.  With the Juliland Universe, I get to do what I want, how I want, and when I want with who I want.  The money is NOT the same, but the freedom is the best!  I enjoy the past as much as I enjoy my present.

I love to look back on my career and life.  It’s fun to think about the good old days now and then, but to be honest, I’m more excited and proud of NOW and the future than the past.  It may be more difficult and more work, but freedom comes at a cost, as we all know.  Nothing great is easy or free.  Nothing that you are truly passionate about or love comes easy.  And that includes everything that life has to offer.  The old days, the new days, the bad days, the great days, and everyday in between are ALL the best days!