ra_listAs you know we have some great interns.  Right now we have only one working everyday, but Chad has been the best intern for over two years now.  NOT only does his listen, work hard and love the grrls… He is funnier than most!  I love his enthusiasm and his love of grrls… but when your 20, that shit is normal.  Kids today!

This last summer we had the blessing of Chantal Stacy for 2 1/2 months.  She is a USC film student and very smart!  Actually… Really smart, talented, beautiful, crazy, nasty, gifted and will probably rule ALL of Juliland someday soon.  This grrl has “it” and more.  Right now she is back in school, but will be back for winter break.  She tells me that she wants to be a director someday and for her first film… She wants to do a documentary on me.  UGH!  We will see about that.

We are always looking for hard working, smart, young and talented interns.  Not easy to find.  If you are interested, live in Los Angeles and wanna learn… Let us know.  We are a small business with lots going on, but no matter what we always have fun.  You’ll always learn something new and its never dull.  The boss maybe crazy, but he’s very nice.  BUT please remember… You gotta love ice cream, chipotle, milkshakes and naked grrls.  ;-)

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