ra_tvshowsTop 10 Favorite TV Shows, NOW!
I watch way too much TV.  Seriously, way too much TV.  I can’t help it, cuz I grew up watching lots of TV.  I’ve noticed there are so many great shows now more than ever.  Lots to choose from.  So, I thought I would share my top 10 shows that are on TV right now.  What do you think?

  1. The Walking Dead – Simply brilliant on every level.  Plus I love zombies!
  2. Justified – Gets better every season.  Great acting, writing & characters.
  3. Vanderpump Rules – I blame Audrey for this one.  She got me hooked.  Its so bad its good.  Some of the stupidest people on TV and in life.
  4. Arrow – Just amazing!  Love everything about it!
  5. Sleepy Hollow – The best NEW show on TV!  Everything is perfect with this show.  The production is movie quality on TV.  The best thing is that the story line just gets better and better.
  6. Sons Of Anarchy – Another great show about crazy people.  Gonna be interesting to see where they go with it this coming season.
  7. 60 Minutes – Makes me feel like I’m smarter than you.
  8. The Daily Show – Fucking duh!  This country is better because of Jon Stewart!
  9. Real Time w/Bill Maher – I look forward to every Friday night just cuz of this show.  I just hate when he has stupid simple minded guest who can’t see or hear beyond their talking points!
  10. The Big Bang Theory – Still going strong and on every night weather you like it or not.