ra_audreyYo!  I’ve known Audrey for over 8 years now.  WOW!  She is not only a best friend, but a bestest friend.  I’ve had more fun with Audrey than anyone I know.  I have photographed Audrey more than anyone in my entire career.  I have more fotos of her than any grrl in the Juliland Universe.  We have too much fun when we get together and the best part is I have video & photos to prove it.  Just check out her site AudreyBitoni.com to see our fun in the web show Audrey&Me. Yup yup!

What I get from Audrey is not only a great subject and a sexy porn star, but I get a friend who believes in me & always has my back.  I think we just work together as friends.  We’re like Ken and Barbie.  ;-)  We just work.  I think we understand and need each other.  Our friendship has had its ups and downs, but we both know we will always be there for each other.  We both know that no matter what we have each others back.

I’ve known and know many many grrls and I have never met anyone like her.  Seriously, Audrey is one of a kind.  Audrey is tough, caring, smart, sassy and so funny.  I know I’m lucky and blessed to have Audrey in my life.  I know we will be friends till the day I die.  I know that she has touched my life like no other.  I know I’ve always given her my best.  I know that WE rule always… yo!