2015 Hall of Fame_Karlie Montana

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Karlie baby how do I miss you!!!  One super special grrl for sure.  I only shot Karlie once and it was pretty awesome.  We started out clean and ended up a huge mess as always.  Such a sweet grrl in so many ways.  I always wanted more and maybe someday I will get more.  Woo [...]

2015 Hall of Fame_Justine Joli

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I don’t know where to begin when it comes to Justine.  I could go on and on.  I could go on for days.  I’ll make it simple... Justine rules!  I love and adore this grrl.  Shooting Justine was always special.  Creating with Justine was always fun.  Just being with Justine always made me smile.  I’ll [...]

2015 Hall of Fame_Jayme Langford

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Jayme was there at the beginning and I thank her for that.  She’s a great grrl in every way.  A talented grrl!  A fun grrl.  My kind of grrl.  We had so much fun shooting and I loved ALL our results.  I always wanted more.  Someday I hope to get more, shoot more and play [...]

2015 Hall of Fame_Heather Vandeven

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Yo!  Heather is one of the sweetest grrls I have ever shot.  We were friends long before her fame and I was lucking enough to shoot her for her Penthouse Pet of the Year layout.  She is one of the smartest grrls I knows.  The one thing I loved most about Heather was her kindness.  [...]

2015 Hall of Fame_Jade Vixen

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Jade is fetish queen and then some.  When I met her I was instantly impressed.  She loves lingerie, corsets, stockings and latex.... I love any grrl who does.  She wears it well and loves to share!  She is so damn sexy when she’s all dressed up or naked.  Yummy!  I’ll take Jade anyway I can.  [...]

2015 Hall of Fame_Aiden Starr

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Aiden is the best of the best in every fucking way possible.  A good friend, a sexy woman and one of the nicest grrls I know.  This was an easy choice for me.  There is so much to love about Aiden and all that she has brought to the Juliland Universe.  I will always be [...]

BIG NEWS: 2015 Juliland Awards

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JULILAND NEWS: Its that time of the year!  The 2015 Juliland Awards are here!!!  WOO HOO!  Lets the party begin!  This years winners are some of my favorites of all time.  2014 saw lots of new faces and more fun than ever.  Choosing the winners is not easy and I really put a lot of [...]

2014 Hall of Fame – Bobbi Starr

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The legend, the famous, the amazing and most of all my best... Bobbi Starr. Again, we met and clicked on the first day! I think about ALL that we have gone through with BobbiStarr.com and it’s truly amazing! She’s always had my back and supported everything we do here at Juliland. Watching her grow from [...]

2014 Hall of Fame – Audrey Bitoni

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WOW! I met Audrey in February 2007 and at the time I told my make-up artist,“Wow, this grrl’s beautiful!” Little did I know that seven years later she would be one of my best friends ever. Back then Audrey was an unexperienced up & coming porn star and, it’s been fun to watch her grow [...]

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