ra_footFootball season is upon us yet again!  But I’m not talking about the NFL.  I’m talking about the English Premier League!  My love for the EPL (and American “soccer”) started when I got sick of watching American football.  Honestly, it’s gotten so boring to me.  And the NFL players seem to be a bunch of clichés.  If I do decide to watch it, I have to go so far as to mute the commentators.  That way, I can avoid listening to their over-analysis and love for “the game.”  Just shut the fuck up once in a while and enjoy the sport!

With the EPL, every game is new and exciting.  I still have the same issues with commentators, but their funny accents make them more tolerable.  I love how they say words like “magnificent” and “brilliant” when describing goals.  The players are super fit, talented and really passionate about their teams and teammates.  The league is arguably the best in the world and the fans are as passionate as any.

My favorite team, the LA Galaxy, gets my heart racing!  I’ve been a loyal fan for almost a year now and love their motivation to win a third MLS Championship title.  It’s all about the dedication.  Sure, it’s been an up and down season, but I have faith they’ll do it.  I’ll admit, I’m a huge Beckham fan and wish he was still here.  But what can ya do?  GO Manchester United GO!

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