OK, here’s where I get to vent a bit about the work I create. I wanna keep this simple at to the point.

I get asked a lot if what I do is porn or erotica. Is it art? Is it erotic fashion? I hate labels and I hate being put in a box. I hate when people need to throw a label on something they don’t understand. I hate when people with NO talent, NO vision and NO skills need to project their thoughts onto my work. It’s tough to be an artist when people with all of those NOes drag you down — though obviously, since you’re a Juliland member, you aren’t one of those bloated sacks of protoplasm.

Everyone these days need to label everything so they can categorize and organize everything. Back the fuck off!

If you wanna label, if you need to label my work… Just call it fun! That’s what I call it and that’s why I do it. Sex, grrls, pussy, tits, naked, nasty, fucking, masturbation, kissing and so on is just that… FUN! My life is all about capturing the fun and having fun with it! We do not call shoots work, we call them playtime for a reason! It’s all about the fun and if it’s not going to be fun then I am NOT showing up! Ask any grrl who works with me. We play, get nasty and make art! Just keep it simple and I think the results speak for themselves.

So, in conclusion… Fuck labels! Fuck stupid people and their lame opinions.  Fuck me for having too much fun with the best grrls in the world. I win again! Boo ya!