FTV_Sophie Dee “Dee4”

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The Juliland Universe presents “From The Vault,” an exclusive look into the world of Richard Avery and the women he works with.  This video shows you where it all began and how much fun it's always been.  A look into the past, FTV will tickle your fancies and make you fall in love with our grrls just as much, [...]

BIG Hug Award – Sophie Dee

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One of my favorite grrls of ALL time. Last year every time we shot or just hung out, Sophie made me smile. She is one funny grrl and always makes me laugh. I know she has lots of fans around the world and deserves everyone of them. I’m so lucky to spend this time with [...]

August 2013 jGrrl Sophie Dee

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JULILAND NEWS: Take a good look at Sophie Dee and you’ll most likely say, “They sure know how to make them in Wales!”  This UK beauty has been holding reign over the adult industry ever since her start in 2005.  Now almost nine years later and Sophie’s popularity has skyrocketed to new heights with over twelve [...]

2013 Best Mess – Sophie Dee

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Best Mess - Sophie Dee • The look of Juliland.com is undeniably a hot mess.  But we like to think that's what makes our website and our content so uniquely delicious!  While the look itself was first started by Richard back in the 80's, it's now been taken to the next level by our amazing grrls. [...]

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