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JULILAND NEWS:  Yo baby yo!  Tis the season of giving so I thought I would give you our latest edition to the Juliland Universe... One of my personal favorites & good friend Sovereign Syre.  A long time supporter, Sovereign was a natural addition.  She is sexy, smart and sassy.  Just the way I like my [...]

Best Mess – Sovereign Syre

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It’s NOT what you think! It’s about being a hot mess! Sovereign is hotter than hot! I can’t get enough of her and I promise that you will see a whole lot more if I have my way. Clean & pretty as well as messy & hot! No matter how I get her I will [...]

March 2013 jGrrl Sovereign Syre

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The alluring Sovereign Syre is a grrl with either a highly creative imagination or a past to drop jaws.  She tells us in her own words, “I was discovered in a cave in Peru that had been untouched since the Incan occupation of the mountains surrounding Lima.  I was a feral child that spoke a [...]

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