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What is so bad about Samantha?  Well, where do I begin?  Firstly, she is so fucking funny.  This grrl makes me laugh anytime she has anything to say.  Secondly, she is beyond sexy and loves the camera!  She’s nasty, crazy and did I say English?  Just listen to that sexy accent and you will immediately [...]

A Spot of Tea

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Hello guv’ner, would you like a spot of tea (of course, that is being said with my brilliant english accent)?  According to Samantha Bentley, my accent sucks and annoys the fuck out of her.  Geez, she is so damn serious.  ;-)  I’m just taken the piss out of her and she knows it. I’m going [...]

London Town

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Just touched down in London town… And it’s neither cold nor rainy!  Seems that summer has hit the city late and the place is buzzing. With the weather on my side, I decided to explore the city like a true Londoner, I grabbed a map of The London Underground and was on my way.  Did [...]