Juliland Year In Review

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Yo!  Is it that time of the year?  Is 2012 coming to an end?  Holy FUCK!  Another year has gone by in the blink of the eye.  The more we do, the faster the time goes by.  I’ve never done a “Year in Review” article before, but I thought I would because 2012 was a [...]

The Bondi Bubble – Sydney Australia

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Where to stay: Sun is shining and you look out your window to big swells, crashing waves and a stretch of white sandy beach. Ravesis Hotel: Ravesi's Hotel - Bondi Beach from +61 Collective on Vimeo. Directly across from Ravesis, you will see Icebergs Restaurant,  with the Club’s breathtaking pool below which sits right on top of the ocean. [...]

Happy Holidays from Juliland

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JULILAND NEWS: The new year is swiftly approaching us.  Richard Avery is ruminating and recalling his past, Stella Blue is writing down her New Year¹s resolutions, Baby Frank is licking his butt, and I am slowly but surely planning a road trip to the one and only Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.  So, I¹m sure it [...]

Check, Double Check, From Me, By Me

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Here in the Juliland Universe, we are lucky enough to have been blessed with a small hand full of amazing writers.  We have Stella Blue, who writes about her world-wide travels across the globe, Tod Hunter, who blogs about his everyday thoughts in a thoughtful and kindhearted way, and Scarlett Stone, who writes all about [...]

London Town

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Just touched down in London town… And it’s neither cold nor rainy!  Seems that summer has hit the city late and the place is buzzing. With the weather on my side, I decided to explore the city like a true Londoner, I grabbed a map of The London Underground and was on my way.  Did [...]

Stella Blue Is Here!

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I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to introduce to you all one of my dearest friends, Stella Blue!  While I adore all my grrls here in the Juliland Universe, I have such a soft spot for Stella that’s truly unique and unparalleled. I’m sure Richard would agree with me when I say there’s [...]

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