2013 Scarlett’s Favorite Toy

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Scarlett’s Favorite Toy - Tantric Binding Love Collar & Cuffs • Up against Cal Exotics’ rabbits and silicone vibrators, the Tantric Binding Love Collar & Cuffs really made a splash in Scarlett’s toy chest.  In the words of Scarlett herself, “I loved this toy the most because it’s practical and completely different from anything I own. And [...]

2013 Blog Post – Scarlett Stone

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Best Blog Post - Scarlett Stone • They Don’t Fuck on Film, but They Should • TOO MANY to choose from, but for me it came down to just one.  Ultimately, I chose this article because it perfectly demonstrates Scarlett’s talent for vision, words and taste in women.  Just read it and be enlightened!  As a matter [...]

2013 Scarlett Stone Award – Samantha

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Scarlett Stone Award (voted by Scarlett Stone) - Samantha Bentley • A lover of Brits and brunettes, it’s no surprise that Scarlett chose Samantha Bentley for the Scarlett Stone Award.  According to Scarlett, Sam has all the qualities necessary to rock the adult industry – amazing dark hair, pale white skin, natural breasts, a beautiful face, and a [...]

Calling All Erotic Writers, Porn Enthusiasts & Sexual Adventurists!

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I want you.  I want you to give it to me relentlessly, confidently, and intellectually.  I want your tongue, your words, your passion, your thoughts.  I want it all, honey.  Because after all, there’s nothing sexier than a good mind and a great idea.  So would you be so kind and give it to me?  [...]

Juliland Year In Review

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Yo!  Is it that time of the year?  Is 2012 coming to an end?  Holy FUCK!  Another year has gone by in the blink of the eye.  The more we do, the faster the time goes by.  I’ve never done a “Year in Review” article before, but I thought I would because 2012 was a [...]

Happy Holidays!!

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The ghosts of Christmas’ past, present, and future walk into a bar.  The ghost of past tells the bartender that Juliland broke hearts, brought on boners, and ignited major crushes this past year of 2012.  Ghost of present tells the bartender that Richard Avery thinks too highly of himself, while ghost of future tells the [...]

Join the Club

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To not join BobbiStarr.com is the equivalent of not voting.  In both instances, you’re luckily of age, you have the opportunity to do so, yet you refuse to exercise your right.  By passing up these chances, you’re not only moronic, but you’re also missing out on a whole lot of action.  In the case of Bobbi’s baby, [...]

So Very Twisted

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JULILAND NEWS: Welcome the newest addition to our Juliland Universe… As the embodiment of every dark, sinful urge you’ve ever acted on, Jessica Twisted is as twisted as they come.  In fact, she’s so perverse that she claims to have come from the depths of hell.  She explains, “It’s hot, but it’s a dry heat.”  But when [...]

IN DEEP with Cherie Roberts

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As the ingenious creator of iheartgirls.com, Cherie Roberts is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.  Amongst her busy schedule, I was lucky enough to sit down with Miss. Roberts and ask her some questions that I was dying to know the answers to.  I was happily surprised when I found out Cherie was a woman [...]

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