Hello Miko!  I wanted to drop some knowledge on you all about one of my favorite grrls in the Juliland Universe.  Her name is Miko Lee and she is a legend in the adult business for almost 10 years now.  She has probably done more, seen more, and created more than most grrls I’ve worked with.  We met a couple years ago thanks to a mutual friend and I was hooked in the first minute we talked.  In fact, if you go through Juliland you’ll see all work we’ve done together.  I can never get enough of her.

I’m continued to be impressed with all that she brings, but there is one issue I have with her and she knows it: we don’t get to play nearly enough! She is a very busy grrl and getting her to shoot is not easy.  BUT when we do get together its too much fun.  We both see and feel a lot of the same things about sex, art, and fun.  We both love to create and we both love to have fun.

Here’s a simple sample of some of my favorite photos of Miko Lee. These are some special moments that I will always cherish.  This gives you a taste of ALL that is Miko.  She is truly a special, one-of-a-kind talent that makes me excited in so many ways.  I promise you will always see a taste of Miko in the Juliland Universe as long as I’m alive and breathing!  As long as she will have me… And trust me she’s had me from day one.  Love me long time!!!