10 Grrls I Want to Shoot Before I Die

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YO!  Been noticing a lot of new talent in the adult world.  SO many sexy, beautiful and nasty grrls.  Here’s a list of 10 grrls I want to photograph before I die.  If you on this list, please find me and lest have some fun!!! Mila Jade - Sexy, nasty & sassy! Triple threat! Romi [...]

10 Favorite Hotels to Shoot In

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I love the studio, my place and most locations, but I love shooting in hotels more than anywhere.  I’m proud to say that I’ve never shot in a house in the valley!  I love hotels because you can make a mess and not have to worry about cleaning up.  There’s yummy room service as well.  [...]

10 Grrls I Want to Shoot in 2016

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You know I make these crazy lists and know that the chances of anything coming true is just about impossible.  I like making them anyways.  I’m one of those people who believe in putting things out in the universe so just maybe they might become true.  If the universe doesn’t know what you want, then [...]

Good Times Are on My Mind

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You looking for a good time?  Want to have some fun?  I fucking do!!!  I’ve been a bit quiet these days, but I’m so done with that!  I’m call all grrls and looking to get crazy!  I want my grrls and all grrls now!  NO more waiting around.  2015 has started off well.  First two [...]

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