10 Things Grrls Do That Annoy Me

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You know I love grrls more than you.  They are fun to play with and they taste as good as they look.  Even though I love them, they do things that annoy the fuck out of me.  As a matter of fact they do a lot of things that annoy me.  Here’s 10 things that [...]

My Bucket List

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Everyone has a bucket list or wish list.  Everyone wants to do something with their lives.  Everyone has dreams, goals and desires.  I’ve been blessed to have done more than most, but I still have a list of things I still need to do before I kick this bucket. Photo shoot with Emily Rotajkowski - [...]

10 Things I Love

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These 10 things I love and can not live without.  These things I want and need.  These things I can not get enough of.  These things treat me right!  These things are so good it hurts.  These things rock my world.  Please give me these things now and always. Massages - A two hour massage [...]

10 Actresses I Would Love To Shoot For Juliland.com

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We have ALL the stars at Juliland.com.  I’m talking the BIGGEST “porn stars” of course.  BUT If I had the chance to have BIGGER stars on Juliland.com these are the ones I would love to shoot.  The sexist actresses in the world.  AND if you any of you are reading this... Look me up and [...]

Top 10 Favorite TV Shows, NOW!

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Top 10 Favorite TV Shows, NOW! I watch way too much TV.  Seriously, way too much TV.  I can’t help it, cuz I grew up watching lots of TV.  I’ve noticed there are so many great shows now more than ever.  Lots to choose from.  So, I thought I would share my top 10 shows [...]

A Few of my Favorite Things

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Here are a few things I love and live for, otherwise known as the things that keep me going.  I can never get enough... Chocolate Milk - The ambrosia of the Gods! My Friends - too many to count, I love them ALL. Creating Art - I live to create and love every bit of [...]

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